Our Loan Programs

We make it fast and simple to apply for the money you need for whatever you might need it for.  By connecting you with our ever-growing network of lenders, we can help you finance everything listed below, and more!  No matter what you are looking to finance, you only need to fill out one application and you’ll receive competitive loan decisions from multiple lenders in minutes.  If you need money for something that is not listed, feel free to contact us directly for assistance in filling out our credit application.  Our toll-free customer support number is 844-694-4555.

Debt Consolidation

Pay off existing bills with a Prime Plus loan and have ONE monthly payment at a fixed rate!

Credit Card Refinancing

Pay off existing credit card debt and with a Prime Plus loan and have ONE monthly payment at a fixed rate!

Home Improvement

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Closets, Pools, Jacuzzi’s, and any repair or replacement you can think of!

Major Purchases

Home theatre systems, furniture, a new boat, motorsports etc. whatever you need can be financed by us!


Finance every aspect of your dream vacation and make 1 simple monthly payment with Prime Plus.

Moving and Relocation

Moving is stressful enough, remove the headache of financing your move with us!

Medical Expenses

Elective or a supplement to your insurance, we have what you need to get your procedure done.


Don’t go at the IRS alone. Pay off all your taxes at once and make monthly payments.

And More!

Here at Prime Plus Financial we can finance almost anything. Contact us today and tell us about your needs so we can get to work getting it financed.